Ultraviolet radiation has a germicidal effect, the DNA of microbes, bacteria and viruses are destroyed by UV. 

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The  UV-bactericidal recirculator are sanitizing equipment specially designed for disinfection of premises in the presence of people. The disinfection efficiency reaches 99.9%. It destroys almost all currently known microbes and viruses (including swine flu H1N1, bird flu H5N2, tuberculosis). All Dezar irradiators have ozoneless lamps with a wavelength of 254 nm. Such ultraviolet radiation has a wide spectrum of action on microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores. The average life of bactericidal lamps installed in Dezar is 9000 hours. Dezar is effective when it works in the presence of people!

Practical use of Dezar-5 records 50 minutes required for 99.9% disinfection of a flu contaminated 74 м3 room.

It is recommended to use the recirculator in a room with a volume of up to 100 m3 when no more than 3 people are in it. For air disinfection in a larger room (more than 100 m3), the number of recirculators should be increased at the rate of 1 recirculator per 100 m3. If more than 3 people are present in the room, a similar effect of using a recirculator can be obtained by installing an additional recirculator.

In 2005, research was conducted at the Research Institute of Influenza RAMS on evaluating the effectiveness of the use of the irradiator - recirculator DEZAR in the treatment of influenza and the prevention of influenza and other acute respiratory viral diseases. Place of testing: preschool institution located in the suburbs of St. Petersburg. Under observation were children 3-7 years old, the total number of observed was 67 children. 2 observation groups were formed - main and control. In two game rooms with an area of 25-28 m2 in the middle of February 2005, two devices were installed. Schedule for switching on devices: 5 days a week - from Monday to Friday in the presence of children during the entire time they are in the room, as well as the irradiator - recirculator turned on 30 minutes before the children arrived and turned off only 1 hour after they left. As a control, children were observed in 2 similar playrooms in which UV irradiators were not installed. Test Results:

1. Children aged 3 to 7 years were monitored daily by a pediatrician. Objectively, the negative effect of the apparatus on children, as well as complaints from children, were not noted.

2. During the use of the device, the total number of sick children in the groups where the devices were turned on turned out to be 1.5 times less than in the similar control groups. Since cases of chickenpox were noted in the institution during this period, these indicators were also analyzed. With this infection, the effect of using the device was more pronounced, amounted to 1.8.

In July 2009, a report was received on the use of DEZAR recirculators for disinfecting indoor air from swine flu, similar to A / California / 04/2009 (H1M).

We draw your attention to the fact that irradiators-recirculators are primarily intended for the premises of medical institutions. The instructions for use give recommendations on the selection of the number of recirculators for rooms 1-III categories of medical facilities on the basis of calculations and tests for Staphylococcus aureus. The game rooms of kindergartens are not standardized for air purity and, in accordance with the Guidelines, are classified as category IV rooms. Therefore, we recommend that you select the number of recirculators for these rooms based on the volume of the room (one recirculator per 100 m3).

Dezar stops spread of epidemic in your premises!

Air Passing Through Dezar – Disinfected!

The premises that should be equipped with irradiators are divided into 5 categories:

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Russian President surrounded by the Minister for Health and Social Services top officials (2,3,4) – on the background is the Dezar-7 (1) in use: