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Dezar-7 UV air sterilizer Efficacy 99.9%; Productivity 100 m3 / h; Power Consumption 100 W; Noise level no more than 40 dB; Dimensions 1200x370x580 mm; Weight 10.5 kg.

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UV air irradiator-recirculator DEZAR-7 provide the highest degree of disinfection (99.9%)

·        Bactericidal efficacy 99.9%;

·        Productivity 100 m3 / h;

·        Power Consumption 100 W;

·        Noise level no more than 40 dB;

·        Dimensions 1200x370x580 mm;

·        Weight 10.5 kg.



Desar-7 – UV air irradiator-recirculator mobile closed type. Recommended for rooms of I-V category, including operating rooms, intensive care, burn wards, maternity rooms.

The source of ultraviolet radiation is five ozone-free lamps with a wavelength of 254 nm, which destroy many types of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores.

The use of an irradiator is especially effective during the occurrence of a dangerous epidemic situation. Desar-7 prevents the spread of infections such as influenza, acute respiratory infections, diphtheria, tuberculosis and many others by disinfecting indoor air. It is proved that the SARS virus is sensitive to ultraviolet radiation, which means that the device is effective in combating the spread of this disease.

The recirculator can be used as the final link in the complex of sanitary and hygienic measures in preparing the premises for work, but its main task is to work in rooms where constant maintenance of aseptic conditions in the presence of people is required.

The recirculator is also intended for use in rooms with an increased risk of the spread of diseases transmitted by airborne droplets and by air.

The lamp bulbs have a special coating that delays radiation with a wavelength shorter than 200 nm, preventing the formation of ozone in the air and at the same time increasing the lamp life up to 8000 hours.

Lamps create sufficient radiation to destroy all microorganisms present in the room (air disinfection efficiency, depending on the recirculator model, is 95-99.9%). High-power UV radiation destroys biological and organic compounds, while removing the corresponding odors and tobacco smoke. The absence of direct UV rays and ozone makes DEZAR recirculators absolutely safe for use in the presence of people.

The filter unit consists of a recirculator protective grill with an easily replaceable air filter or a combined carbon filter and is installed using a self-locking filter holder without tools. The filter allows you to remove particles larger than 10 microns in size: settling dust, pollen, plant spores, mold, dried disinfectants, aerosols, soot.


Using UV lamps and fans of various power and performance, KRONT produces recyclers for rooms of all categories.

Bactericidal recirculator DEZAR-7 provide the highest degree of disinfection (99.9%) and meet the highest requirements for air conditions in operating rooms, burn and intensive care units, maternity wards, i.e. where complete sterility is required.

·        Bactericidal efficacy of 99.9%

·        Productivity 100 m3 / h (cubic meters per hour)

·        Power Consumption 100 W

·        Noise level, no more than 40 dB

·        Dimensions 1200x370x580 mm

·        Weight 10.5 kg